A lot of men are looking to learn and understand more about testosterone and how it can help/affect their overall health. Since low testosterone has been brought into the media on a regular basis, more men are becoming aware of the negative side effects that are associated with low testosterone. Many of these men seek professional advice from their physicians on whether they are candidates for testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson.

The only way in which men can learn if they are deficient in testosterone, or suffering from another disorder, is by visiting their physicians. A medical doctor at Men’s Vitality Center can order a blood test to check the testosterone levels of any man that is suffering from low testosterone systems. Until you have visited your physician to inquire about testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson, here are some fun facts about testosterone:

  1. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone.
  2. Low testosterone is also known as “hypogonadism”.
  3. Testosterone is also produced within the female body but in much lower quantities than their male counterparts.
  4. Natural testosterone production decreases slightly as men age.
  5. Men that suffer from diabetes are more likely to suffer from low testosterone.
  6. Testosterone is a key hormone in producing healthy red blood cells.
  7. Testosterone is a key hormone in maintaining bone density.
  8. There is such thing as too much testosterone.

To learn more about testosterone, or to have your testosterone levels check, contact Men’s Vitality Center! Our physicians will let you know if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson!