Low testosterone is a major problem that can affect men of all ages. While a natural decline in overall testosterone production is normal for men over 30, abnormal drops in testosterone may affect the body. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the male body and is incredibly important to overall health. While many people understand that low testosterone can affect a male’s sex drive, that is only one of the negative side effects. The physicians at Men’s Vitality Center can help patients understand how testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson can help offset the negative side effects of low testosterone.

As the primary sexual hormone that is produced within the male body, testosterone is responsible for sex drive, sperm production, secondary sex characteristic, muscle mass, strength of musculature, production of red blood cells, bone density, and energy levels. When men suffer from low testosterone it is likely that they will suffer from low sex drive, or men may be unable to produce or hold an erection. Men with low testosterone may also see a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in fat stores. Bone mass will begin to decrease as testosterone production decreases. Men that are affected by low testosterone may also begin to suffer from emotional issues; depression, trouble with concentration, etc.

It is important that men have their testosterone levels checked by the physicians at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, AZ. Even if no sexual side effects of low testosterone are being felt, that does not mean that the body is not suffering the effects of low testosterone. Your physician can also help you come up a form of testosterone replacement therapy that will work best for your low testosterone levels. Give us a call today!