Every single man is looking for the fountain of youth. Most men are worried about naturally decreasing testosterone levels. Still others are worried about developing low testosterone and suffering from the adverse side effects. Regardless, men are taking many different avenues to head off the effects of aging. As men leave their 20’s behind they are faced with the knowledge that their natural testosterone levels will begin to decrease with each passing year. Some men will even face abnormal drops in natural testosterone production that can lead the the negative side effects. Men that are faced with low levels of testosterone may be able to reverse their symptoms with exercise and/or testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson at Men’s Vitality Center.

Testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson is not an option for every male that is experiencing a decrease in testosterone production. As we have said before, testosterone levels will decrease naturally with age and cause no side effects. Men that suffer from large drops in natural testosterone production with associated side effects are candidates for testosterone replacement therapy. Multiple studies over the past decade have even begun to show that increasing exercise will help boost natural production of testosterone. These studies have also shown that testosterone replacement therapy that is paired with a strenuous exercise program will improve testosterone levels.

Exercise can help men that suffer from low testosterone and obesity lose excess weight that may be contributing to lowered testosterone levels. Exercise has also been proven to improve testosterone levels during and immediately following exercise. While these effects are still being researched, many patients are finding that by improving their exercise habits they are actually improving the way that they feel.

To learn more about testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson, contact Men’s Vitality Center. Our low-T treatment plans are individualized and may include changed to diet and exercise. Call today for an appointment!