Contrary to popular belief, low testosterone is not just a problem that men over the age of 50 have to deal with. Low testosterone is something that men of any age may face. While it is much more common in men with advancing age, young men are also affected. Many scientific studies are showing that many men under the age of 30 can have changing testosterone levels at almost the same rate as older men. Since young men do not necessarily worry about low testosterone levels, they may not recognize the most common signs of low testosterone. Thankfully even young men can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson if they currently suffer from low testosterone.

Some of the most common side effects that are associated with low testosterone are sexual in nature. Young men can suffer from erectile dysfunction, a drop in libido, or they may see changes in the frequency of their erections. When these occur over a long period of time it is time to visit your health professional at Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson to be tested for low testosterone. Young men may also notice that they are putting on fat more quickly (or having a harder time losing it) than they use to. Another common symptom is a decrease or a plateau in muscle production even with regular weight training. Unfortunately other symptoms that sends young men to the doctor are depression and sleep disturbances. Each of these symptoms can be directly related to changes in natural testosterone production.

When you are under the age of 30 and suffering from any of the above symptoms it is time to visit a healthcare professional. Testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson may be a valid option for young men that are producing inadequate amounts of testosterone. Contact us today for an appointment.