As you may be aware, you can purchase testosterone tests that purport to accurately test your testosterone levels at home. While they may technically work, there are several reasons why testing your testosterone levels at home is not a good idea. If you suspect that you have low T, contact Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson. We can provide you with medical testing to determine if your testosterone levels are below normal, and will provide testosterone replacement therapy if necessary. Here are some of the reasons why at-home testosterone tests are not worth it.

Testosterone levels are only one part of the equation

Low testosterone levels are only a drop in the ocean in terms of assessing your overall health. When we are determining whether or not you have low T, we will also do a battery of other hormones and tests to see if we can determine the source of your low testosterone. Basing your treatment off of a single test isn’t medically sound, and can even be dangerous. If you are looking at only your testosterone levels to self-diagnose your issues, you may be overlooking another medical condition that would be revealed from a visit to your physician. It is not uncommon for men to come into our health clinic for low testosterone testing, only to discover a different underlying medical condition is causing their symptoms. Without a full picture of your blood chemistry, there is no way to really know if your fatigue, decreased sex drive, and loss of muscle mass is due to low testosterone or something else entirely.

These tests are not always accurate

Not only are these tests only measuring one aspect of your health, there is a lot of variation in their accuracy. This is because in order to get an accurate picture of your testosterone levels, the tests need to be performed at certain times of day and under certain conditions. Even something as simple as a strenuous workout can skew your results, as testosterone levels spike when you exercise. When you come to a physician for testosterone testing, they are aware of the ideal conditions for testing testosterone, and can test you at the right time to get an accurate picture of your T levels.

You get what you pay for

Chances are, if you are considering testing your testosterone at home, you are concerned about the cost of in-office medical testing. In reality, testosterone tests from your doctor are often much less expensive than what you can buy online. Not only that, the variability of the accuracy of these tests make them hardly worth the cost, considering that if it does show you that you have low testosterone levels, you need a doctor anyway to receive treatment, who will need to test you to confirm your results. When you cut corners in regards to your health, you get what you pay for: an inaccurate test that isn’t going to give you helpful information about your health.

It could lead to dangerous decisions

An at-home testosterone test will not cause you any physical harm. However, when you are using information that may not be accurate to self-medicate, you could face serious side effects. Testosterone boosters on the market are not regulated by the FDA, and can contain a myriad of harmful ingredients. Because you are not being monitored by a medical professional when you take these supplements, you may experience negative side effects without even noticing.

If you come into Men’s Vitality Center and find that you do have low testosterone, don’t worry. We can help you come up with a treatment plan such as testosterone replacement therapy that can help you feel like you again. Contact our men’s health clinic in Tucson, AZ for more information.