As a man, you love being engaged in the life around you – exploring the outdoors, playing sports, and enjoying time with friends and family. As you age, you may notice a decreased interest in activity, intimacy, and being around others. You have less energy and drive, but can’t quite pinpoint why. At Men’s Vitality Center, we understand that males may be hesitant about coming forward and facing the facts but the truth is, lower testosterone levels are normal for older men. With our testosterone replacement in Tucson, you can return to the things you love.

Low T symptoms can appear in many different forms, but some easy ones to detect are a change in mood, increased irritability, and a decreased sex drive. These changes can develop gradually and you may not be fully aware that they’re happening until after a few occurrences. Hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective method for increasing your testosterone levels and can be done discreetly through a patch, gel, or injection. Whatever method you choose, the staff at Men’s Vitality Center will explain the entire process and what you can expect in terms of change.

Life doesn’t have to slow down for you just because you’re celebrating a few more birthdays. You can remain alert, active, and engaged with the world around you, playing an integral part in your marriage, your work relationships, and your friendships. Low testosterone doesn’t mean life is over, it’s simply a challenge that our testosterone replacement in Tucson can help you with whenever you’re ready.