As a man, you used to bound out of bed each morning, ready to take on the day ahead. Perhaps you got in a quick workout, ate a healthy breakfast, and then headed off to work. After the workday was over, you went for a run and then home to eat a delicious meal and spend time with your family. You looked forward to each day with enthusiasm and vigor, but as you’ve aged, you’ve had to slowly cross off things on that daily list. You don’t eat a healthy breakfast or get in that workout, because you found that it was too hard to get out of bed when your alarm went off. Slowing down is a part of aging, but if it happens quickly over a short period of time, you could be experiencing low testosterone. At the Men’s Vitality Center, our low testosterone treatment in Tucson is designed to help you find that renewed energy and do the things that you want to do every day.

We offer several methods of treatment for men that have found their energy level waning. It’s easy to find a method that suits your lifestyle, whether it’s a patch worn on the arm or torso, a clear gel, or dissolvable tablets that you put on your gums. We can also administer low T treatments via injections or implants, but your doctor will have to prescribe those if that’s a path you want to pursue. The injection is made into a major muscle, and the implants come in a pellet form that is placed under the skin.

When you’re noticing your days starting to drag and you’re getting less accomplished, don’t simply blame the effects of aging. Visit us today to learn more about our low testosterone treatment in Tucson.