Battling depression is never easy, and if you’ve found yourself in a funk over the past few months, there could be many factors that are contributing to your change in mood and outlook on life. For men, one of those factors could very well be low testosterone levels, and the only way to overcome depression could be to fix those levels. At The Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, we can supply bioidentical hormones for men that will bring the body back into balance.

Hormone therapy can work for virtually anyone, but we understand if you have questions or concerns. Our staff will gladly explain your testosterone treatment options, and which method of therapy may best for you. One method to consider is having a pellet inserted under your skin – usually in the buttocks area – that will steadily release the hormones into your bloodstream. You’ll begin to feel more balanced, and will notice a change in your energy and attitude as your body begins to use the testosterone provided by the pellets.

If a pellet under the skin doesn’t appeal to you, we can also apply a skin patch, provide a clear gel, or administer testosterone injections on a regular basis. We also have oral tablets that will dissolve on your gums and introduce testosterone to your system. With proper bioidentical hormones for men in Tucson, we want to help males feel energetic and driven, no matter their age. If you’re dealing with depression or low energy, come see us right away.