Millions of American men are affected by erectile dysfunction (ED) every year, yet many are embarrassed to talk about it, even with their doctor. In our society, men are expected to be ready and able to have sex at any given moment, so many men who experience ED feel emasculated and as a result, suffer from low self-esteem. This is an unfair and unrealistic standard, as most men will experience trouble getting aroused at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, ED can aggravate the issue by causing performance anxiety around sexual activity, making it even more difficult to achieve an erection.

Erectile dysfunction does not have only a physical impact. ED impacts both the man experiencing it and his partner emotionally. For a man with ED, some feelings he might experience are:
Insecurity about his masculinity
Shame about his ED
Sadness over loss of sexual function and/or intimacy with his partner
Fear of being intimate
Feelings of hopelessness
Anxiety about pleasing his partner
Low self-esteem
Isolation because he feels he cannot discuss the issue with anyone

On the other hand, his partner may feel:

Insecurity about their own sexual performance
Fear over what ED means for their relationship
Distrust in their partner
Sadness for their partner
Concerns about being unattractive  

Clearly, erectile dysfunction can cause problems in relationships and have an impact on the health and happiness of both the man experiencing it and his partner. Because of this, ED should always be taken seriously and be actively treated. It is important to keep in mind that it is likely not a long-term problem, and it does not reflect your worth or your masculinity. It is also crucial to keep the lines of communication open with your partner. This makes it more likely that treatment will  be successful, and helps to keep your relationship in tact as well.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical or psychological problems. Regardless of the cause, when erectile dysfunction occurs, it can be a blow to your self-worth and cause stress in your life and relationship. Fortunately, there are ways to treatment erectile dysfunction once your doctor has assessed its cause. Potential causes of ED include:

Clogged blood vessels
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Heart disease
Substance abuse
Tobacco use
Relationship issues
Sleep disorders
Parkinson’s disease
Metabolic syndrome
Multiple sclerosis
Certain prescription drugs

As you can see, ED can be an indication of some serious diseases, so if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, it is important to talk to your doctor about it and not let it go untreated. As difficult as it can be to talk about, you must be proactive in order to solve this problem. For most men, erectile dysfunction is a temporary problem and can be treated, whether with therapy, medication, pumps, or surgery.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, do not lose hope; we can help. Contact Men’s Vitality Center to schedule an appointment, and we will help you identify the cause and proper treatment for your ED.