We all know that we should be exercising regularly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we do it. There are many common challenges to establishing a regular fitness routine, as we began going over in our previous blog. In this blog, we will continue with some common challenges, and give some possible solutions to help you prioritize exercise.

I feel self-conscious working out

Many people find themselves avoiding working out because they don’t want to feel judged by others. If you are self-conscious about your body or fitness level, it doesn’t have to prevent you from getting the exercise you need for your health. Here are some ways you can overcome your self-consciousness to get a great workout.

  • Work out privately. There is no rule anywhere that says that you have to go to the gym to get fit. If working out in public makes you feel awkward, keep it to yourself. You can do an exercise video at home, and invest in a piece of exercise equipment, like a treadmill or stationary bicycle.
  • Keep looking forward. If you need to workout in public, avoid focusing on how you look and feel now, but instead, on your goals for the future. The more you exercise, the more comfortable you will be with working out, and you can expect an increase in your confidence. Focus on the future and you will find that you don’t have to worry what other people think.

I’m too tired

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have been planning to go to the gym after work all day, but then 5 o’clock rolls around, and suddenly, watching TV on the couch sounds way more appealing. However, this is a self-defeating cycle. You don’t have the energy to exercise, yet to get energy, you need to exercise. Improve your sleep cycle and give yourself an energy boost by prioritizing exercise. Always too tired after work? Try these tips.

  • Work out in the morning. Many people find that working out in the morning works better for them simply because that is when they have the energy to do so. Make working out for 30 minutes part of your morning routine.
  • Work out over lunch. A lunchtime workout can give you the energy boost you need to get through the afternoon. You get your workout over with before the slump that kills your motivation in the afternoon.
  • Always be prepared. Have your workout gear ready to go in the car so you don’t have any excuse not to go when you said you would.

I’m not athletic enough to workout

Being athletic has nothing to do with working out. Everyone needs exercise, and you don’t need to be perfect at it to reap the benefits. You can overcome this challenge by:

  • Being realistic. In order to work out, you don’t need to do highly intense exercises. Something as simple as walking briskly every day can be a great way to exercise without being too complex or requiring great athletic ability.
  • Competing only with yourself. If you are constantly comparing yourself to the hard bodies in the gym, you aren’t going to be happy with your results. Don’t compete with anyone but the person you were yesterday and you will be much happier with the changes you are making to your mind and body.

I can’t afford a gym membership

A gym membership isn’t necessary in order to incorporate exercise into your routine. A great workout is minutes away at any given moment without fancy gym equipment.

  • Workout at home. You don’t need weights to do strengthening exercises. You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere! Try pushups, squats, and situps at home. You can even purchase gym equipment such as hand weights and resistance bands inexpensively online or at a sporting goods store.
  • Start a workout group. You don’t have to join a gym to have workout buddies; simply form the group yourself! You can run together, workout in the local park, or even just spend time power-walking through the mall.
  • Check out the community center. If a gym membership is too expensive, your community center may offer a more affordable option. Look into what your local recreation department has to offer in the way of fitness classes that may be kinder to your wallet than an elite gym.

Now that we have gone over these common challenges, it should be easier for you to establish a regular exercise routine. As men’s health experts, we promise it is worth the effort! When you need men’s health services in Tucson, AZ, Men’s Vitality Center can help. Contact us today!