In many workplaces, high-calorie foods are near impossible to escape. From coworker’s birthdays filled with sheet cake, to catered meetings with hoagie sandwiches and chips, to the ever-present vending machine full of candy bars, there is temptation everywhere. When you are trying to eat healthy, the workplace can be difficult to navigate. Read below for our tips on how to stay on track at work.

Only eat when you’re hungry

This may seem like a no-brainer, but distinguishing between legitimate hunger and a desire to eat can be difficult. A lot of the temptation that comes from the workplace has to do with proximity. Because the food is convenient and looks tasty, it makes it much easier to mindlessly eat. Instead, only eat when you physically feel hunger, meaning your stomach is growling.

Avoid tempting locations

If your coworkers tend to leave delicious treats in the kitchen, steer clear of the kitchen as much as possible. Similarly, if the vending machine is in the break room, don’t go there. As stated above, a lot of the temptation of office junk food is the convenience. As they say, out of sight, out of mind, so keep the temptation out of sight.

Help out with catering

Is there a committee you can join to help plan meals for your office meetings? If so, you can join and use this to help have access to healthier foods. Potlucks should include salads, fruit trays, lean meats, and whole grains.

Share healthy foods

Set an example for your coworkers by bringing healthy food into the office to share instead of the usual baked goods. Bring in a box of fresh, seasonal fruit, or a veggie plate to share.

Don’t eat at your desk

It can be tempting to just eat your desk and continue working, but distracted eating often leads to overeating. Instead, make a rule not to eat at your desk. When you do eat lunch, even if you only have ten minutes, move away from your desk and sit where you can truly savor and enjoy your meal.

Bring small plates and bowls to work

Large vessels encourage us to eat more. Practice portion control by bringing in a small plate and bowl from which to eat at work. This way, you can have greater control of how much you eat.

Indulge in small doses

If a coworker brings in some unhealthy treat that you absolutely must have, you can indulge a little bit. The key is the “little bit” part. If there is a brownie recipe your coworker makes that you just adore, take a smaller brownie, and really savor it. Enjoy the texture, flavor, and appearance of your indulgence so you can truly enjoy it.

Eating healthy at work doesn’t have to be hard if you prepare yourself for the challenge. If you are looking for a men’s health clinic in Tucson, we can help. Contact Men’s Vitality Center today to schedule your first appointment at our men’s health clinic!