Occasionally experiencing a headache during a stressful time or after a night of over-imbibing is normal, but sometimes headaches can be indicative of a more serious problem. If you have noticed a change in your headaches, for example, in the event that you have started getting severe migraines when you never had before, it is important to talk to your physician about your concerns. Sometimes, people try to ignore symptoms like headaches because they worry that they may be facing an extremely serious medical issue, like a brain tumor. However, most of the time, headaches are not life-threatening, but they are an indication that something needs to be addressed. If you are wondering whether or not your headache should concern you, here are some signs you should see your doctor ASAP.

Sudden, Severe Headache

If you develop what is referred to as a “thunderclap” headache, it is imperative that you seek medical attention ASAP. These headaches are characterized by a sharp pain and an extremely sudden onset. This pain doesn’t go away quickly, and could be an indication of a subarachnoid hemorrhage or an aneurysm. If you experience a headache of this variety, go to the hospital right away.

Changes in Headaches

If you get migraines or tension headaches, it is not necessarily an indication of something serious; stress or certain foods can trigger migraines. However, if you find that your headaches have become more severe and different than normal, it’s important to take that seriously. This could be an indication of an aneurysm. Address it with a medical professional immediately.

Headache and Other Symptoms

If your headache is paired with a fever, it could be indicative of a brain infection like meningitis, or encephalitis, or brain inflammation. Additionally, if your headache is accompanied by disorientation or memory loss, it is important to go to the hospital.

Headache and Vision Change

When you experience a headache with eye pain and a change in vision, there is a concern of acute glaucoma. It is imperative to address this issue immediately, as glaucoma can cause blindness when left untreated.

Temple Headache

The area of your head that is impacted by the headache often doesn’t matter. However, if you are over 50 and are experiencing pain restricted to your temples, it may indicate temporal arteritis. It is particularly important to see a physician immediately if you are also experience blurry vision or fever. If left untreated, this can result in loss of vision.

Headache with a Head Injury

If you have bumped your head and start experiencing a head injury, it could be an indication of hemorrhaging. This is particularly troubling with you are on blood thinners, as the bleeding will not be able to clot. Seek medical attention immediately if you have a headache after injuring your head.

Everyone Has a Headache

If your headache seems to be contagious, meaning that everyone around you is also complaining of a headache, this could be a sign of a CO2 leak. Step outside and see if your headache improves; if it does, it is important for everyone to exit the building and for it to be suspected for a CO2 leak.

Headache with Neck Pain

If you are experiencing a headache accompanied by neck pain, it could be a carotid artery dissection. These arteries are located along the sides of your neck, and if one tears, it may fill with blood and separate from the others. It’s important to seek medical attention immediately.

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