Chances are, at some point in your life, you have experienced a symptom that you could not explain. Whether it was slight gastrointestinal discomfort or a sneezing fit, you may have shrugged it off as nothing and gone about your day. While there are certain causes of these symptoms that don’t warrant alarm — indigestion from lunch or seasonal allergies, for example — there are certain symptoms you should never ignore because they could be indicative of something more serious. Read on for some symptoms that you should absolutely pay attention to anytime you experience them.

Unexplainable weight loss

It’s one thing to drop a few pounds when you have made certain lifestyle changes, like exercising more and eating healthier. It’s another if you are suddenly losing weight for no apparent reason. If you struggle with your weight, this may seem like a good thing, but it can actually signal a larger health issue. A sudden drop in weight could be due to hyperthyroidism, diabetes, liver disease, certain cancers, and malabsorption disorders. If you have lost more than ten percent of your body weight in the last six months without trying, you should consult with your doctor.


While having a fever isn’t necessarily a reason to worry, it’s definitely a symptom to which you should always pay attention. If you have a fever that won’t go away, it could be indicative of an underlying infection. Some medications can cause persistent fevers, as well as certain cancers. If you have a high fever (103 F or above), or a fever that doesn’t go away after three days, contact your doctor.

Shortness of breath

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, it may be due to an unknown health problem. Normal causes of shortness of breath include high altitude, strenuous exercise, and extreme temperatures. Outside of any of these contexts, shortness of breath is a sign of a health problem. If this comes on suddenly, it’s crucial that you seek medical attention immediately. Shortness of breath can indicate bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, or another problem with your heart or lungs. If it comes on suddenly and severely, it could be indicative of a panic attack.

Strange bowel movements

Everybody poops, and they do it in their own unique way; however, if you see any unusual changes in your bowel habits, it could be indicative of a health problem. Signs of bowel issues include bloody or black stools, persistent constipation or diarrhea, or a sudden need to move your bowels inexplicably. Any of these changes could indicate a bacterial infection or a viral infection. Alternatively, they could be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome or colon cancer. Consult with a physician if you notice any strange chances in your bowel movements.

Changes in personality

If you are experiencing a change in the way you think and behave, it could indicate an underlying health problem. If you are having difficulty thinking or focusing or are starting to behave in a way you can’t explain, you should seek medical care immediately. These changes could indicate a variety of health problems, including mental health conditions, infections, or medications.

Flashes of light

If you see flashes or spots of light in your vision, this can indicate a migraine, but it could also indicate retinal detachment. If this goes without medical attention, it could result in permanent vision loss. Therefore, it’s imperative that you seek medical intervention if you see any strange bright spots or flashes in your vision.

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