Hydration plays an important role in your health. You may have heard that you should drink a glass of water with your meal to promote weight loss, but your body’s need for water goes beyond weight control (though it certainly helps with that too). Every organ, tissue, and cell in your body requires water to function. Water lubricates your joints, helps your body maintain its temperature, and removes waste from your body, and that is only a small sampling of what it does. With all this in mind, you know it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Here are some tips for maintaining good hydration.

Keep a water bottle on hand

The easiest way to remember to stay hydrated is to always have a water bottle on hand. Keeping it nearby will serve as a constant reminder to drink more water. If you need more of a reminder than that, try setting an alarm for every half an hour to remind you to drink a certain amount. You may also mark on your water bottle how much water you should drink before a certain time when you should refill it.

Drink water, even when you aren’t thirsty

People often don’t think to drink water until they’re thirsty, but thirst actually indicates that you have already lost water. Take small sips of water throughout the day, even when aren’t thirsty.

Flavor your water

It’s common for people to complain about drinking water because it has no flavor. Fortunately, there are ways to correct that. Lemon juice is a great addition to water that makes it taste good and may also help speed the metabolism. There are many other fruits that taste delicious when infused with water, and now you can buy water bottles that infuse the water for you. There are even water enhancers sold in grocery stores, though you should be sure to check the calorie count before indulging.

Try alternatives to water

If stayed motivated to drink enough water is a struggle for you, there’s good news: water isn’t the only way you can hydrate. Fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, and tomatoes, can also go a long way towards hydrating you. Make a point to eat these foods in order to stay hydrated.

Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake

Caffeine and alcohol both act as diuretics, which in turn, dehydrate the body. Reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume, and it will be easier to stay hydrated. You don’t have to completely give up your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine; just be mindful that too much of either may cause you to become dehydrated.

As you can see, staying hydrated can be simple, if you are willing to put forth the necessary effort. Men’s Vitality Center cares about your health, which is why we conduct men’s physicals in Tucson, AZ. If you need a physical, or have any medical concerns, we can help you with your health. Contact our men’s health clinic in Tucson today!