You are probably aware of the most obvious benefits to exercise, including losing weight, building muscle, and improving your overall physical health. However, you may not realize that exercise actually has many more benefits than that. Here are some of the lesser known benefits of exercising regularly:

Improves memory

You may not know that exercise can actually improve your memory. Exercise works to help your brain generate more cells in the hippocampus, which controls memory. When you work out regularly, more cells are generated for the hippocampus, and it is therefore easier to remember things.

Increases productivity

Exercise also has the benefit of helping you be more productive. Studies show that people who exercise regularly are more productive than those who don’t. Feeling that mid-afternoon slump at work? Exercise over your lunch break, and you may find that it is much easier to get things done.

Elevates creativity

Exercise also makes you more creative, so if you are an artist and struggling for inspiration, heading to the gym for a workout could be your solution. Recent studies show that working out could increase your creativity for as long as two hours after a workout. Even a brisk walk may be what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Reduces stress

Exercise isn’t only great for your physical health; it also has incredible benefits for your mental health. One such benefit is that exercise reduces stress. Exercise elevates norepinephrine levels in your brain, a neurotransmitter which regulates stress in the body. Next time you are feeling stressed out, try hitting the treadmill for thirty minutes, and see how you feel then!

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