Men who’ve reached a certain age may expect their bodies to slow down and their energy level to decrease, but younger men often expect their bodies and energy to keep up with everything they do. From puberty to the mid-twenties, men experience growth and changes that develop who they are and how their bodies will look. But can young men experience low testosterone levels? The answer is yes, and at the Men’s Vitality Center in Tucson, AZ, we are here to help men of any age that may be experiencing a decrease in testosterone.

For young, newly-married men, low testosterone may play a part in fertility. If you and your new bride are attempting to conceive, but haven’t been successful, testosterone replacement therapy may be just the thing to turn the odds in your favor. At the Men’s Vitality Center, we offer several inconspicuous therapy options that can help with sperm production and motility, or the sperm’s “swimming ability.” If you’re unsure if low T is the reason behind your struggles to conceive, make an appointment to see us and we’ll get to the bottom of the issue and help you decide if therapy is the best option for you.

Everyone will have slow, tired days, but if you’re experiencing several in a row, or have noticed that your libido or energy level is consistently low, come see us today. Young men can experience low testosterone, so no matter your age, if you want to learn more, come see us at the Men’s Vitality Center today.