1. Most Common Forms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Testosterone replacement therapy is becoming much more commonplace in the United States. Men of any age can be affected by hypogonadism and many of these men will seek professional treatment. Most often, men seek treatment for low testosterone due to sexual side effects. Other negative side effects of low testosterone levels may not be as easily recognizable. Men’s Vitality Clinic offers differe…Read More

  2. Side Effects of Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson is not the fountain of youth. While this hormone is one of the most important sex hormones of the male body, replacement therapy is not for everyone. Males that are suffering from primary or secondary hypogonadism are only candidates for testosterone replacement therapy after testing through their physicians. Testosterone replacement therapy is not availa…Read More

  3. Low Testosterone and the Young Man

    When people hear the words “low testosterone” they automatically think of men older than 50 years. Yes, men that are over the age of 30 will begin to experience insignificant drops in testosterone production, but these changes are mostly  imperceptible. While most men that suffer from low testosterone are of a certain age, this is a problem that can affect young men as well. Testosterone repl…Read More

  4. When Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Necessary

    Testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson is a viable option for men that suffer from low testosterone. While men over 30 years will experience slight decreases in their natural testosterone production, these small decreases will not typically cause negative side effects. Other men will suffer from abnormal drops in natural testosterone production. These are the individuals that need testosterone…Read More

  5. How Low Testosterone Can Negatively Affect The Body

    Low testosterone is a major problem that can affect men of all ages. While a natural decline in overall testosterone production is normal for men over 30, abnormal drops in testosterone may affect the body. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the male body and is incredibly important to overall health. While many people understand that low testosterone can affect a male's sex drive, that is…Read More

  6. The Normal Aging Process and Effect on Testosterone

    The majority of men that suffer from low testosterone are over the age of 40. Testosterone production tends to decrease as part of the normal aging process. Naturally decreased testosterone levels will not negatively affect men unless the levels fall well below normal. Many men who suffer from hypogonadism (abnormally low testosterone production) do not visit their physician until they suffer the …Read More

  7. Help! I’m Confused About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Confusing surrounding testosterone replacement therapy in Tucson, AZ is completely understandable. Understanding how hormones work within the human body can take a long time to master. With all of the advertisements on television, magazines, and social media, how do you choose the right testosterone replacement therapy? How do you even know that you are a candidate for testosterone replacement the…Read More

  8. Causes of Low Testosterone

    Testosterone is by far the most important male sex hormone. It occurs naturally within the male and the female body. Testosterone levels are much higher within males, and are produced by the testicles and the adrenal glands. Unfortunately testosterone production can decrease for a variety of different reasons. When testosterone levels dip below a certain point, men will begin to suffer from side e…Read More

  9. Why is Testosterone Important?

    Chances are that you have heard the term “testosterone” before. Whether or not you fully understand what testosterone is might be another conversation. Testosterone is incredibly important to the overall health of men and women! When medical professionals talk about testosterone, they are talking about the naturally occurring hormone within the human body. For men who suffer from low testoster…Read More